Welcome to Party Inflatables. Innovative Quality Inflatables.

About Party Inflatables

The Vision

Party Inflatables was started with a simple vision. Make Innovative, Quality Inflatables at a great price. We have found through 25 years of running inflatable rental locations that the success of a rental company depends primarily on three things:

1. Have Quality Equipment  
2. Have unique and innovative equipment.
3. Provide excellent customer service.

While we can't run your business for you, we can provide you with equipment that has proven to grow rental companies fast. Our success has been built on these principals, so it only seemed fitting to build our own products. Through years of trial and error, designing, developing our process we believe we make the best inflatables in the industry, while knowing what really works for rental companies. 

The Manufacturing

Based in Southern California and in Asia with over 24,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space we have built a history of reliable performance and competitive pricing. We use only the best vinyl and have been using a vinyl called Rhinotex that has been developed over the last 3 years. This material can not be ripped. It amazing stuff. All of our unit patterns are digitally cut and sewn by some of the most skilled sewers in the industry.

The Team

We have assembled what we feel is the best team around and they have a combined experience of over 40 years in the business. You be assured that our team understands how to help you win with inflatables. Our team helps us grow each and every year and they are happy to help you get the equipment, knowledge and support you need to be successful in the inflatable rental industry.